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Totnes Boarding Kennels
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Kennels Totnes Devon
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Totnes Kennels
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"Superior Pet Accommodation for the 21st century"

Totnes Kennels and Cattery.

Totnes Kennels Kennels Totnes
We are dedicated to providing a safe and hygienic environment  Your cat will always have easy access to the outside just through the cat flap from their chalet

All the pens are open fronted to allow lots of fresh air, but also have covered areas to allow the dogs to stay dry in wet weather. 

All of the dog kennel pens have specially designed layouts to stop dogs being able to look directly into the pen opposite, this prevents shy dogs being intimidated by other dogs. 

Boarding Kennels Totnes Kennels Totnes Devon
We have centrally heated kennels and have special care for individual needs. The South Hams countryside the kennels and cattery will provide the environment, exercise and diet that your pet requires.

"Quality Kennels & Cattery with an excellent reputation."

We can also offer your pet:

Totnes Kennel We pride ourselves on the high standard of care that we provide for our boaders
Kennels Totnes We believe that you should be able to relax and enjoy your holiday when you leave your companion in a kennels .
Boarding Kennels Totnes Supervised free exercise
Totnes Boarding Kennels We're proud to offer a friendly, caring and personalised service
Kennels Totnes We take pride in ensuring your pet is given the very best care and attention during their stay with us.
Kennels Totnes  Devon We know you will feel better about your time apart when you are confident that caring professionals are looking after your pet.
Outdoor Kennels Our carers will closely monitor your pet to ensure their safety and health, and make certain they enjoy playtime and regular exercise.
Puppy Kennels Devon Pet food available

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